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Breakfast (7 am): 3 scrambled eggs with mixed vegetables, leeks, basil and tomatoes – cooked in coconut oil; celery with 1 tbsp. almond butter with sprinkled coconut flakes. 1 cup of coffee (1/2 caf.)

Lunch (noon): sardines, sweet potatoes, celery and dijon mustard over a bed of steamed kale, 1/4 avocado, baby carrots

Afternoon snack (2 pm): 15 almonds

Dinner (5:30 pm): curried veggies fritatta with creamy coconut kale (kale sautéed with garlic, 2 chopped dates, curry powder, coconut flakes, coconut aminos and 1/2 can of coconut milk)

Hydration: water, sleepy time tea

Supplements am: calcium d-glucarate, DIM, oil of oregano, Maxi-Hair, turmeric, maca, ashwaghanda, and DHA

Supplements pm: Maxi-Hair, vitamin D, melatonin, maca, ashwaghanda, and unsweetened, generic Natural Calm

Activity: 5 mile commute; am Spinning class; 15 min of foam-rolling

Pre-workout meal am: 1 cup of coffee (1/2 caf.)

Reflections: another rough day for the legs! I had to take it easy in my am Spinning class and followed it up with a 15 min. session with my Rumble Roller and The Grid. This upcoming Sunday I have planned an epic workout – 90 min. run and 75 min. Spinning class. With this in mind, I have 1) been worrying about my recovery before the epic workout and, 2) wondering how I will hold up after said workout. I don’t think I am carbohydrate depleted, for I eat tons of sweet potatoes and fruit. Still, how will my body react to a 3-hour workout? Am I tapping into my fat storage efficiently, or will I bonk? I have never bonked, and it is not something I want to experience anytime soon.

Sleep: decent (7.5 hours) – I wanted to keep sleeping a bit more when the alarm went off at 4:20 am. Even though I was tired, I had a hard time falling asleep in a hot bedroom.

OVERALL: after being on Whole30 for over 2 weeks, I feel as if this is the way that I have always eaten and this is the way that I will always eat. A few nights ago I was chatting with S about commitment to exercise vs. commitment to eating plans. We both acknowledged that the exercise part is easy – the more grueling the training plan, the better! I can commit to a 6-month training plan with no problem, but, at the same time, we both struggle with staying on track with a nutrition plan. Don’t get me wrong; it is not as if we go for a 90 min. run and follow that with a deep-fried doughnut burger. Instead, we go for a 90 min. run and then eat 6 pears each and a massive bowl of rice and lentils and then some oatmeal with butter…Too much of a good stuff is still TOO MUCH. So, this is the first time that I am training hard and fueling really well (or, to put it better, to the best of my knowledge). So, if I can commit to 24-week training plan, why not commit to a 24-week eating plan? Doing just a Whole30, instead of a Whole60 or Whole90, does not seem long enough to really see the impact of consistently good nutrition…You would not quit your marathon training plan at 30 days, why quit your nutrition plan after a month?