Breakfast (8:30 am): 1 yam, 1 can of tuna, 2 celery stalks, 1-2 tbsp. of almond butter, coconut flakes, 2 dates, 5 filberts.

Morning Snack (10 am): handful of almonds (8)

Lunch(noon): baby carrots, 1/3 of an avocado, tuna, 1 apple, 1 small cup of coffee

Afternoon snack (3 pm): handful of almonds

Dinner (5:30 pm): veggie frittata, 1/2 avocado, home-made salsa and 1/4 honeydew melon for dessert

Hydration: water, electro-mix

Supplements am: calcium d-glucarate, DIM, oil of oregano, Maxi-Hair, vitamin C, maca, ashwaghanda, and DHA

Supplements pm: Maxi-Hair, vitamin D, melatonin, B-12, maca, ashwaghanda, probiotics, and Natural Calm

Activity: 14 mile bike commute. Norcal class in the am. 60 min Spinning class at 5:30 pm.

Pre-workout meal am: 2 dates, handful of filberts, spoonful of coconut flakes, 2 large cups of coffee (1/2 caf)

Pre-workout meal pm: 2 caps of BCAA, water

Reflections: I woke up with a pep in my step at 5 am – although I am often well-rested when I sleep in until 5 am. S and I had coffee before he left to go to work – before we usually had coffee and oatmeal. I woke up hungry and missed the comfort of a nice bowl of oats with cinnamon. Instead, I had my pwo snack and headed out the door. At the gym I had a small victory: I climbed up the rope higher than even before. I felt so accomplished! I send S the typical “rope update” txt (this is an ongoing thing on Wednesdays and Fridays) and he replied “it is the fish.” Well, I don’t know what it is, but it feels good to make progress. I did some poking around the Whole9 site, and read some testimonials about how this process is supposed to go: the initial fatigue is supposed to be replaced, eventually, by limitless energy. I am not feeling the fatigue at all, but my worst nutritional sin has been my love affair with ketchup, lentils and oats…Hence, I am not craving soda, cheetos (I have never eaten one of those) and ice cream (regular ice cream sends me running for the toilet), but instead look forward to enjoying foods that I have formerly considered “too decadent” to have regularly: nuts, coconut, almond butter, olives, avocados.

Despite the fact that it was a hard day with double workouts, I felt sensational during the pm class. We did a series of LT intervals, and I felt very strong. After getting home, I was ready for dinner, which I found satiating.

Sleep: so-so. Jack woke up me up at midnight. I had a hard time falling asleep due to the soreness and the intensity of the afternoon workout. 7.5 hours

OVERALL: I felt really happy today and pretty energized. If all goes well, I will continue this plan all the way to my wedding day (9/8)