Breakfast(8 am): 3 eggs scrambled with broccoli cooked in coconut oil. 1 small yam. 1 red apple with almond butter. 2 large cups of coffee (1/2 caf)

Snack (10 am): handful of filberts (10-15)

Lunch(noon): baby carrots, pile of steamed kale and chard, can of sardines with pepper and Tapatio sauce, 1/3 of an avocado

Afternoon snack (3 pm): handful of almonds

Dinner (5:30 pm): massive salad made with romaine, spinach, bell peppers, salmon, black olives, avocado, sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes and green onions (dressed with rice vinegar, salt and pepper). Munched on carrots as I cooked. 1 apple for dessert

Post-dinner snack (6:30 pm): huge pile of steamed kale and chard, some coconut flakes, 4-5 dates, celery with some almond butter

Hydration: water, sleepy time tea

Supplements am: calcium d-glucarate, DIM, oil of oregano, Maxi-Hair, vitamin C, maca, ashwaghanda, and DHA

Supplements pm: Maxi-Hair, vitamin D, melatonin, B-12, probiotics, maca, ashwaghanda, probiotics, and Natural Calm

Activity: 30 min. leisurely commute to and from work. 60 min Spinning class at 5 am. 2 sets of assisted pull-ups and dips

Pre-workout meal: none – fasted workout

Mood: tired from last-night’s workout – it was a killer one, if I may say so. My legs ached as I tried to teach the same class at 5 am. I eliminated my post-Spinning run, in an attempt to save my energy for my double-workout day tomorrow (Norcal in the am; Spinning in the pm). I was hungrier than Monday, being reading for breakfast as soon as I returned from teaching class. I am glad I took a mid-morning snack; I needed it. I felt as if I were counting down to lunch time. In the afternoon I did not feel hungry until 2:30 pm, when I would have loved a nice apple to help me make it to dinner. Instead, I walked to Chico Natural and got myself a big bag of raw almonds to keep at my desk. I was ravenous by dinner time. After the salad and the apple, I was still hungry one hour later, so I had to chow down again. I felt like I “failed” a bit by not toughing out my hunger, but I was seriously starving.

Sleep: ok as usual. Woke up from Jack’s midnight vocalizations, but returned to sleep quickly. 8 hours.

OVERALL: while day 1 was marked by a lack of appetite (most likely due to the after-shock of the food poisoning incident), day 2 was marked by hunger, which is my status quo. I noticed that I did not get tired in the afternoon like I usually do (around 2/3pm).